Top & Bottom Dampers

  • Top Chimney Damper

    Constructed of stainless steel & aluminum
    Energy efficient – seals in A/C & furnace heat
    Seals out animals, birds & insects
    Keeps out rain, snow, sleet & hail
    Easy to open
    Always opens to a pre-set height
  • Bottom Chimney Damper


    Call For Pricing

    KingAir Chimney is proud to feature one of our top sellers! Vestal Manufacturing provides high quality and dependable cast iron poker control bottom dampers that can help exhaust your fireplace, save energy in your home and protect your flue from the elements.

    KingAir Chimney can provide you with the exact size bottom damper or fireplace "throat" damper, to fit your needs. We carry 6 different models so that you can find the damper that will fit the dimensions of your fireplace. We have provided you with a chart below, which can help you to choose the model that suits your needs.